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A Bankruptcy Law Firm dedicated to fresh starts and new beginnings......

A Bankruptcy Law Firm

At the Miami Bankruptcy law offices of attorney Ariel Sagre, we are committed to
excellence in the representation of our clients.  We combine extensive experience
and a genuine desire to give our clients true value in order to serve individuals and
businesses that seek to relieve their financial burdens. During your free consultation
with the attorney, your full financial picture will be evaluated in order to determine if
bankruptcy is the right fit for you.

With 12 years of experience filing bankruptcies in South Florida, Ariel Sagre
continues to seek to come along side struggling South Floridians and lead the way
to the financial stability they deserve. The decision to file bankruptcy is not easy and
Mr. Sagre will carefully consider whether bankruptcy is right for you.

In cases where bankruptcy is not an option, Mr. Sagre’s complimentary practice
areas of Foreclosure Defense, Civil Litigation and Debt Workouts might be right for
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Sagre Law Firm, P.A.
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Lets Get Started

To get started, call the Miami Bankruptcy Law Offices of Attorney Ariel Sagre at (305)
266-5999 for your free bankruptcy consultation.
We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy under the bankruptcy code.
Sagre Law Firm, P.A. is a Debt Relief Agency. We practice in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13
Bankruptcy, Foreclosure Defense and Debt Relief. The Lawyer can file your bankruptcy case in
Miami, Coral Gables, Kendall, Miami Lakes, West Miami, South Miami, Florida City, Homestead,
Medley, Hialeah-Miami Lakes, Aventura, Ft. Lauderdale, Pinecrest, Lauderhill, Perrine,
Plantation, Tamarac, Weston, Key West and other cities around South Florida, Miami-Dade,
Broward and Monroe County.
..... in His service.
Flat Rate Fees for Bankruptcy
Chapter 7
Chapter 13
Single Filer
Deposit to File Case
Married Filing Jointly
Deposit to File Case
Fees and Costs
Additional Attorney's Fees
are paid by Court Approved
Fee Application.
*All Clients must take Pre-Filing and Post-Filing Credit Counseling Course which cost $30.00
& $17.00
*Extra Fees may apply in cases with excessive over-exemption, more than (50) creditors, or
when many reaffirmation agreements are required. The attorney will advice you if this is the
case at your initial consultation.
Experience You Can Count On

Bankruptcy is not just the simple filing of schedules and statements. Your             
attorney will fight on your behalf in order to protect your assets. Ariel Sagre has
extensive experience handling the complicated matters in Bankruptcy. Mr. Sagre has
successfully handled all of the following bankruptcy proceedings, providing great
relief and success for his Clients.  

Motions to Value Real Property (Stripping Mortgages), Motions to Value Personal
Property, Motions to allow Refinance and Sale of Real Estate, Motions to Vacate
Dismissal, Over-exemption Negotiations, Objections to Claims, Motions to Cram
Down, Trial (Evidentiary Hearing) and Re-Affirmation Agreements among others.
A Price you Can Afford

Our founding principle of providing value to our Clients remains as strong as ever.
Most clients will be charged according to our published low fixed-rate schedule. Only
in extraordinary circumstances, which are delineated in our schedule, will more
attorneys fees be required, and these will be disclosed during your free initial

We have developed a fair pricing schedule that everyone can afford.
Furthermore, we will open your file with a small down payment and the remainder
of the balance can be paid in up to 6 months.

12 Years of Bankruptcy Experience in
South Florida

Free Consultations with the Attorney

Practising law since 2002

Low Fixed Rate Bankruptcies
Available in Most Cases

Payment Plans up to Six Months

Low Down Payment Required

Emergency Filing Available in as Little
as One Day
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