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Foreclosure Defense

A Miami Foreclosure Defense Attorney will help Defend You Against Your Mortgage Company

Attorney Ariel Sagre has been assisting Miami Homeowners for 15 years in foreclosure and bankruptcy matters. When you consult with us, we will analyse your whole financial picture in order to plot out a strategy that will achieve the  results you seek.


If you are a homeowner facing foreclosure in Miami, filing Bankruptcy is something that you will probably consider at some point in the process. While it is not a given that you must file bankruptcy if you have been served with a foreclosure, it is something that you should consider.


Bankruptcy Offers Many Benefits to Homeowners in Foreclosure

In a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy you may discharge any judgements that have resulted from a foreclosure in your past. In Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, you can stop an impending foreclosure sale from occurring and enter into a re-payment plan that allows you to repay the past due amount. For homeowners who's property is upside down in value, the attorney can use the bankruptcy proceeding to remove second and third mortgages. The attorney can also assist you in lowering the first mortgage with a non-homestead cram down.


Foreclosure Defense

If Bankruptcy is not an option, then attorney Ariel Sagre is experienced in Foreclosure Defense and can defend you in this matter. There are a myriad of options available to the Homeowner that retains counsel to defend them in a Foreclosure proceeding. Arm yourself with the right attorney to defend your rights.


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If you have been served with a foreclosure, it is imperative that you seek counsel immediately in order to avail yourself of all your legal rights. Failure to immediately respond to any court proceeding could result in loss of your rights to defend yourself and the issuance of a default judgement.


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