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How to stop a Wage Garnishment

A wage garnishment can be tragic for the finances of a household. In some cases up to 25% off your disposable income can be taken by a creditor.


If your wages are being garnished due to unpaid debt or you believe a garnishment is coming, contact our offices today to learn about the options you have to fight your wage garnishment in court or file a bankruptcy that will stop it immediately.


The first step in fighting a wage garnishment is assessing whether you have a valid claim of exemption. At the time of your free consultation we will search out every possible scenario that will allow the attorney to fight your garnishment in court without the need to file a bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is always plan B.


When a garnishment cannot be stopped with a valid claim of exemption, the attorney can assist you in filing a bankruptcy that WILL immediately stop the garnishment from proceeding. Thanks to the relief afforded by the automatic stay, bankruptcy is a solution that will immediately allow you to retain all of your wages.


If you are facing a possible garnishment because of unpaid debt, it is crucial that you speak to a debt relief lawyer right away.


Debt Relief is just a phone call away. Call (305) 266-5999 to receive a free in house consultation with a Miami Wage Garnishment Lawyer.


Many people do not realize that a bankruptcy WILL STOP the garnishing of your wages.

Miami Wage Garnishment Lawyer Ariel Sagre can use the Bankruptcy Code to help you stop your wage garnishment. Wage Garnishment Attorney

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