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Miami Bankruptcy Attorney Ariel Sagre

At the Miami Bankruptcy law office of Attorney Ariel Sagre, we are committed to excellence in the representation of our clients.  We combine extensive experience and a genuine desire to give our clients true value in order to serve individuals and businesses that seek to relieve their financial burdens. During your free consultation with the attorney, your full financial picture will be evaluated in order to determine if bankruptcy is the right fit for you. Attorney Ariel Sagre also practices in the complimentary areas of, Foreclosure Defense, Civil Litigation and Real Estate. No matter what may be facing your family, feel confident that Attorney Ariel Sagre can handle it every step of the way.
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"Every case is different, I work hard to ensure every client receives the personal attention they deserve."          

Ariel Sagre

Attorney Ariel Sagre practices Bankruptcy in Miami.

Practice Areas


You can count on 18 years of Bankruptcy experience in Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe County. Attorney Ariel Sagre handles all bankruptcy related matters. From the simplest Chapter 7 Bankruptcy to the most complicated Adversary Proceedings.

Foreclosure Defense

When your foreclosure lawyer also handles bankruptcy, you can rest assured that no matter what happens, your lawyer is prepared to take action.

Civil Litigation

If you've been sued, hiring an attorney in a timely matter is critical to take full advantage of the protections available under the law. Meet with Miami Civil Litigation Lawyer, Ariel Sagre to discuss your defense.

Real Estate

When buying and selling Real Estate in Miami, you can count on Real Estate Attorney Ariel Sagre. From contract preparation, to complex negotiations, to smooth closings, all aspects of your transaction will be handled with skill and integrity.

Simple, Flat Fees

Attorney Ariel Sagre seeks to simplify legal billing by developing a simple flat fee schedule for legal services. Once you’ve paid your flat fee, you can relax knowing that no further fees will be collected.

We feel confident that the fees are a great value considering the years of experience and the personal attention that every client receives.

Affordable Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

  • Married couples filing jointly add $200
  • Plus Court Fees

File for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

  • Deposit to File Case
  • Plus Court Fees

Effective Foreclosure Defense

  • Retainer for 5 hours of Attorney's Time

18 Years of Experience Filing Bankruptcies in South Florida.

Attorney Ariel Sagre has 18 years of experience helping families and businesses file Bankruptcy in Miami-Dade County. Put his hard earned knowledge and experience to work for you and your family. Whether you are considering Bankruptcy, are in Foreclosure, have been sued or are looking to purchase Real Property, Attorney Ariel Sagre can help you.

Recent Publications and Speaking Engagements

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Ariel Sagre, Speaker at Bankruptcy Pro Bono Event, CLE

Ariel Sagre was a presenter at the Demystifying Bankruptcy Pro Bono CLE

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Sagre Law Firm is conveniently located South of the Miami International Airport, just off the 57th Avenue exit of the 836 Dolphin Expressway.


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