How much does a bankruptcy cost in Miami?

How much does a bankruptcy cost in Miami?

If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, one of your main concerns may be how much does a bankruptcy cost in Miami? The total cost of filing a case is comprised of both the bankruptcy lawyer’s attorney’s fee plus the costs to file a case.

Miami Bankruptcy Lawyer’s Fees

Attorney’s fees can often seem mysterious and scary (and rightly so). Lawyer billing rates vary depending on several factors associated with the legal work. Hiring a lawyer with his/her hourly rates can be a confusing and expensive undertaking. Furthermore, if the scope of the work becomes larger than previously thought, legal fees can mount quickly. The good news is that most chapter 7 and 13 cases have a fee range that can easily be assessed at the initial consultation preventing any surprise at the end. At Sagre Law Firm, we have always (and continue now) to disclose all fees at the initial Client consultation because that is the right thing to do. We offer flat rate, affordable bankruptcy fees in most cases.

Costs to file a Miami Bankruptcy case

The Clerk of Court for the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of Florida lists the court cost for filing a chapter 7 petition as $338.00, a chapter 13 petition as $313.00, and a chapter 11 petition as $1,738.00.

Total Cost to File Bankruptcy

After a thorough initial client consultation at Sagre Law Firm, most chapter 7 cases for a single person would have a cost of $1,190 + Court Cost listed above. Most chapter 13 cases would be filed for a single person for a deposit of $690.00 + Court Cost listed above. The additional attorney’s fees would be collected through the chapter 13 plan payment discussed at the client consultation. Chapter 11 Bankruptcy fees will vary due to case complexity. Prices will be determined at the initial client consultation.

Additional Fees

The following additional fees are paid by the debtor:

  • Required Consumer Credit Counseling: $30 and $17.50
  • If you require Spanish Translation, it is an additional: $30

Are you ready to file for Bankruptcy?

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